Review #37: Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2017

Another great pour from The Roosevelt Room. This is the 2017 iteration of Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition. It’s a blend of a their 15 yr OESK recipe, 13-year-old OESK and 12-year-old OESV. Apparently this is a low rye release for Four Roses but would be high rye most anywhere else. Anyways let’s get to it.


Age: 12 years

Abv: 108.6 proof (54.3 ABV)

Color: Copper


Nose: Very sweet just short cloying but in a “The Price is Right
sort of way with notes of brown sugar, charred oak, baking spice and a bit of clove

Taste: Amazing mouthfeel and taste with thick brown sugar and oak notes balanced by rye spice

Finish: A long lovely linger that starts sweet and fades to a spicy tingle reminiscent of holiday spice with hints of something fruity

On a rock

Nose: The ice mutes the oak a bit and brings the baking spice forward leading to an excellent balance of sweet and spicy

Taste: Very similar to neat but with slight more spice brought in and a pleasant cherry note in the background

Finish: A bit shorter than the neat finish with brown sugar and cherry sweetness fading into a spicy linger


Wow! This was amazing especially with just a bit of ice. Unfortunately finding a bottle of this is basically impossible. Four Roses makes some amazing bourbon and I wish they would scale up production on these special editions! For me they are a favorite on par with BTAC,

9 - a favorite I’d like to keep on my shelf


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