Review #41: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve

Continuing the 1792 lineup with another one of their rarer expressions today is the Ridgemont Reserve. Older bottlings of this carried an 8 year age statement but as with some many lines these days age statements are going the way of the dodo. So let’s get to it!


Age: NAS

Abv: 93.7 proof (46.85 ABV)

Color: A dark copper, at least a shade darker that the rest of the 1792s thus far


Nose: Delicious rye spice and strong oak notes are prevalent with a bit of the caramel I’ve come to expect from most 1792s in the background and just a hint of something fruity

Taste: Strong vanilla and caramel notes with oak still present though more muted than the nose.The rye from the nose is suspiciously absent. The mouthfeel was nice but nothing special.

Finish: The rye comes back in this medium length well balanced finish

On a rock

Nose: The rye is muted but still present with the caramel taking its place while the oak holds steady

Taste: The vanilla and oak notes dominate the palate on ice though the caramel note is still fairly prominent

Finish: The rye is basically gone leaving a sort of generic sweet finish


Another great whiskey from 1792 though this one fell a little short for me compared to the 225th and the Full Proof especially since it held up to ice so poorly. I imagine a ‘Full Proof” variant of this would be excellent though. I really enjoyed the strong rye notes on the neat nose and am hoping the High Rye continues to deliver on this front.

7 - a solid whiskey I’d happily order at bar if they don’t have something 8+


My reviews are mostly about taste but occasionally take price into consideration generally dropping a point from whiskies in the 8-9 range that seem significantly more expensive than similar quality bottles.

10 - a unicorn, I haven’t found it yet

9 - a favorite that I almost always have a bottle of on my shelf

8 - an excellent bottle I’d be happy to buy

7 - a solid whiskey I’d happily order at bar if they don’t have something 8+

6 - a decent whiskey that I don’t prefer but don’t avoid and would be fine having as a mixer or in a pinch somewhere with a poor selection

5 - I would drink it if offered and I didn’t have to pay for it

4 - Maybe a mixer though I wouldn’t want to pay for it

3 and below - no thanks