Review #47: High West American Prairie Bourbon 2017

Today we’re continuing our journey through the High West line up with a 2017 American Prairie Bourbon. This is a blend of an unknown number of bourbons with 1 from MGP and the rest unknown(at least for the 2017 bottling).


Age: 2-13 years

Abv: 92 Proof

Color: A deep gold

Price: $34.99


Nose: Very sweet with caramel and vanilla notes and just a touch of burn

Taste: Remains sweet with honey and vanilla notes, the mouthfeel is a little thin

Finish: The sweetness gives way to a middling length finish with warm spice notes

On a rock

Nose: Slightly subdued but still strong and sweet with the vanilla note taking the lead and no trace of a burn

Taste: Rich and sweet with more honey and vanilla and some grain notes coming through. The mouthfeel isn’t as improved as I’d hoped but is a little thicker

Finish: Short and sweet with more honey notes. The spice from the neat finish is gone.


Another solid whiskey from High West but this one is a little one note and doesn’t have anything particularly exciting going on. I still enjoyed drinking it and would order it at a bar in a pinch but if you are somewhere with High West definitely go with the Bourye or even better the Rendezvous Rye over this guy.

6 - a good whiskey I’m still happy to drink

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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