Reviews #51-53: Oak Liquor Cabinet 1792 Picks from 2018

This week Oak Liquor Cabinet got in the long awaited series of 1792 picks including a Single Barrel, Bottled in Bond and Full Proof. I’ve been a fan of the Oak picks in the past and of 1792 in general so I was pretty excited and wanted to get them all in one go. I tasted all of these neat, side by side after ~5 minutes of resting.


Age: All NAS

Abv: 98.6, 100, 125 proof

Color: A medium amber


Nose: Sweet caramel and baking spice with a touch of citrus

Taste: A little thin with more caramel and citrus notes and a touch of acetone.

Finish: Slightly harsh but decent length with warm spice

5 - a whiskey with notable strengths but also held back by some flaws


Nose: A less distinct nose with a more generic sweetness probably vanilla and caramel notes

Taste: Nice mouthfeel with warm spice, vanilla and caramel. Just a hint of oak

Finish: Long and warm with a nice spice balanced with some oak

8 - an excellent bottle I’ll buy from time to time


Nose: A rich sweet vanilla caramel with a bit of spice

Taste: An amazing mouthfeel with a bold sweet vanilla and baking spice palate with hints of oak and caramel

Finish: Long and lingering with warm spice and sweet vanilla and a little burn

8 - an excellent bottle I’ll buy from time to time


It was a lot of fun getting to try all three of these side by side and compare with my old write ups on the Single Barrel, Bottled in Bond and Full Proof.

Overall I got a lot of the same notes from these 3 and their regular variants, which doesn’t surprise me, but the proportions of those notes, the heat and the mouthfeel are all very different. I personally preferred the BiB which doesn’t surprise me since I did this tasting neat. I imagine with a bit of cold water or ice the FP would nudge ahead. The Oak Liquor Cabinet FP is a bit better than the standard, the BiB is a significant step up as is the SiB. I really like the regular FP and BiB but don’t particularly care for the regular SiB. This is another great set of picks by Oak Liquor Cabinet.


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