Review #56: High West Light Whiskey 14 yr Batch 3

I’m visiting Utah this week so obviously I’m going to High West’s various locations. Today I went by the bar in Park City and tried their 14 year light whiskey. It was super unique so I was happy to pickup a bottle at the gift shop. Light Whiskey is distilled to very high ABVs(80-94.5%) before entering the barrel and is typically used in blended whiskies. Neutral spirits like vodka are usually distilled to high ABVs like this as well. High West sourced some 14 year light whiskey to bottle as it was.


Age: 14 years

Abv: 92 proof

Color: A light pale gold

Price: $99.99


Nose: Medicinal notes almost like high end vodka with smaller vanilla notes

Taste: Also somewhere between a vodka and a bourbon with clear vanilla notes and medicinal notes and a little bit of oak in the background

Finish: Long but a little hot especially for something with a 14 year age statement! More sweet and medicinal notes

On a rock

Nose: The ice gets rid of the medicinal notes and the vanilla note is clearer though it is the only note I can pick out

Taste: Still medicinal and vanilla notes but the oak is gone

Finish: Long and smooth like a nice vodka with a touch of vanilla


This one was hard to rate given how different it is and since it is my first ‘light whiskey’ but I was very glad to try it, would probably occasionally order it at a bar as a change up and definitely want to share with other whiskey loving friends. Overall it was great to try it in an unblended state and it’s a unique spirit that tastes good if somewhat one note.

5 - a whiskey with notable strengths but also held back by some flaws

Poor - Overpriced, not worth the money


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