Review #61: High West A Midwinter Night's Dram Act 6 Scene 5

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And now back to the regularly schedule High West series. Every winter since High West releases A Midwinter Night’s Dram which is a blend of port cask finished rye whiskies. This year’s is, I believe, the first year to contain actual High West distillate in addition to MGP and Barton’s juice. With that let’s get o the penultimate review for the series.


Age: NAS for the aging or finish this year

Abv: 98.6 proof

Color: A nice deep reddish amber

Price: $99.99


Nose: The nose was just slightly but with rich herbal and sweet dark cherry notes

Taste: Herbal notes takes the lead but with more subtly and complexity than the usual dill forward MGP rye notes with a nice balance of sweet dark fruit and warm baking spice notes with an excellent mouthfeel

Finish: Long and lingering finish that starts with sweet dark cherries and becomes spicier as it goes

On a rock

Nose: Warm spice and sweet dark cherry notes

Taste: Less spicy but still with herbal and sweet cherry notes and a nice mouthfeel.

Finish: Medium length sweet finish with more cherry notes.


This year’s MWND was excellent; a step up from last year’s which had a little more dill than I prefer. The balance between the sweet, spicy and herbal notes was excellent and I preferred it neat. That extra bit of proof over most High West offerings also helps the flavors and mouthfeel. I get a bottle or two every year and am very glad I snagged 2 for this year :) All that said it wasn’t as good as the Barrel Select Rendezvous Rye finished in Port Casks for 4 year and 7 months.

8 - an excellent bottle I’ll buy from time to time

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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