Review #69: Bellevoye Triple Malt

I attended a Whiskies of the World event last year and tried some rather good French whisky(Brenne) so I went to Total Wine to pick up some French whisky and ended up with Bellevoye Triple Malt. So let’s see how it stacks up.


Age: NAS but 3-8 years

Abv: 90 proof

Color: A light, pale gold

Price: $34.99


Nose: An odd mix of fresh cut lumber, malt and a touch of artificial sweeteners and something herbal

Taste: Thankfully better than the nose with notes I’d expect from a young single malt. Malt, honey, vanilla and touch of acetone. The thin mouthfeel wasn’t surprising given the low proof.

Finish: Short and weird, I couldn’t place the note but it was harsh I didn’t care for it

On a rock

Nose: The ice mellows the nose out nicely to an inoffensive honey and malt with just a touch of fresh wood

Taste: Very similar to the neat notes with more malt and honey though the vanilla and acetone are absent

Finish: Unfortunately the ice didn’t help with the harsh, short finish


To say the least this was disappointing, especially in the nose and finish though there were a few decent notes in there. I’m wondering if an older variation of this would actually be good? I did not care for this one so I ended up bringing it to a work happy hour just before I left the team :) That said it was fine as a mixer for a whisky and Coke.

2 - Mixer only

Poor - Overpriced, not worth the money


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