Review #103: The Balvenie 21 PortWood

This is the third and final 21 year old Speyside single malt in this series. We started with the Glenfarclas 21 followed up with the Glenfiddich 21 and are finishing it off with the Balvenie 21 Portwood. Let’s see how this stacks up against the Glenfarclas and the Glenfiddich.

Balvenie 21 Portwood

Age: 21 years

Abv: 86 proof

Color: A deep gold

Price: $199.99


Nose: Rich, sweet dark cherry and sherry notes dominate the nose.

Taste: Honey, dark cherry, cream and warm spice notes compliment a nice and viscous mouthfeel, especially for the proof.

Finish: Long and sweet with honey, hints of dark fruit and gentle spice notes.


This was easily my favorite of the 3 and the only one I’d semi-regularly pick over it’s 17/18 year brethren which made me realize that I haven’t written about the younger Balvenie selections yet so I’ll have get on that. The Port influence was clear throughout and I’m a big fan of Ported whiskies so it was no surprise I loved this. It was primarily sweet and fruity with just enough spice to give it depth.

Apparently there is a duty free exclusive version of this that is NCF and 95.2 proof so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that on my next international trip!

9 - a favorite I’d like to keep on my shelf

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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