Review #121: Heaven Hill 6 Year BiB

I’m done traveling for a bit so it’s time to get back to bourbon reviews! I got a bottle of this discontinued dram from a fellow member of Austin Bourbon Hunters who went to Kentucky. Since this was discontinued late last year this will likely be the only bottle of this I ever have though I’ll definitely be keeping enough to compare with the 7 year when it hits central Texas. Reviewing alongside a slew of potential replacements feels like the right thing to so on to part 3 of the affordable bottled in bond drinkers series!

Heaven Hill 6 Year Bottled in Bond

Age: 6 years

Abv: 100 proof

Color: A slightly darker amber

Price: $15


Nose: Slightly faint but sweet and nutty with honey, caramel and vanilla notes.

Taste: More of that nutty note Heaven Hill releases often have for me alongside honey and oak. A little thinner than I’d like for 100 proof but not bad at all.

Finish: Short and warm with oak, baking spice and caramel.


This was a huge step up from the Early Time BiB and definitely on par with the Dickel. It was a little thin across the board but had good notes and was very easy drinking for the proof. It’s crazy to me that this is about half the age of the Dickel BiB and of a very similar quality. I don’t think it is worth the tatering and hype that it got just after being discontinued but that’s bourbon these days. It’s good but nothing you couldn’t replace, albeit with something more expensive like Old Ezra 7.

That said, I’m very glad I got the opportunity to get a hold of a bottle of this before it all disappears. On the other hand if this guy was one of the sacrifices we had to make to get those new Old Fitz BiB decanters then it was worth it for me. I’m looking forward to trying the 7 year and seeing if an extra year makes a big difference or just costs more for effectively the same product.

TL;DR: Unbeatable at it’s old price point, but Old Ezra 7 is better and available.


6 - a good whiskey I’m still happy to drink

Value based on what I paid

Great - A great deal, I’d buy it again

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