Garrison Brothers OLC ABH picks

The Oak Liquor Cabinet and Austin Bourbon Hunter’s Garrison Brothers picks are in! About a month ago I went with a group of ABHers out to Garrison Brothers to pick two barrels, one barrel proof and one to be proofed down to 94 proof. You can read all about the pick trip here! A small shipment of these bottles landed last week with the bulk of them getting in earlier this week. Also I’m not going to be giving a score since I helped pick the barrels (good call u/t8ke).

Garrison Brother’s OLC and ABH Single Barrel

Age: 5 years

Barrel Size 20 gallons

Abv: 94 proof

Price: $99.99


Nose: Woody and sweet with oak and brown sugar notes.

Taste: Classic Garrison Brothers with a corn and wheat forward profile with rich oak, corn bread, brown sugar and smokey notes. Nice mouthfeel.

Finish: Long and oaky with with some brown sugar sweetness to balance the oak.

Garrison Brother’s OLC and ABH Barrel Proof

Age: 3 years

Barrel Size 10 gallons

Abv: 121.8 proof

Price: $129.99


Nose: Bold charred oak, soft sweet butterscotch, hints of spice and smoke.

Taste: Very oaky with more butterscotch and smoke alongside some spicy and bready notes. Thick mouthfeel.

Finish: Medium to long finish with oak tannins, warm spice and butterscotch notes.


Overall I am very happy with how this bottles turned out and since we bottled them the same day we picked them there were no surprises! They both came out relatively on profile for Garrison Brothers but each emphasizing and enhancing a part of the profile. The barrel proof pick has more oak and more butterscotch while the single barrel was richer and more balanced. As for the prices Garrison Brothers sets them and they are what they are.

It was pretty awesome to go and buy the bottles I helped pick and I working on setting up my next pick trip! I also snagged the little barrel from the barrel proof pick.

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