Review #147: Mic Drop 3

I got a bit caught up in the tater hype for a new Mic Drop as the previous two releases were amazing even though this one was only 4 years old. I ended up driving around a bit to find one but thankfully only paid retail.The bottle looks awesome, the previous releases were great and the price was right so let’s see if the taste lives up too!

Mic Drop 3

Age: 4 years

Abv: 112.2 proof

Price: $59.99

Mashbill: 60% Corn 36% Rye 4% Barley


Nose: Sweet with tropical fruit and banana notes but also some young, slightly harsh grain notes.

Taste: Starts with sweet caramel and tropical fruit then corn and floral honey come in.

Finish: Medium length finish with more the sweet caramel and fruit notes but also with some linger spice and ethanol some burn


Well that was disappointing for Mic Drop but on the other hand it was great for 4 year old bourbon. The sweet and fruity notes remind me of some of the Tumblin Dice bottles I’ve tried but the rest of the profile with the grain notes, harshness and lack of complexity was disappointing. Overall I hoped for more but this was a well as I could have expected it to turn out. It beats out Pinhook, the other young, similarly priced MGP bourbon I’ve had.

As far as value goes I don’t feel bad about what I paid for this but it would be hard to justifying buying another one vs something like Belle Meade Cask Strength which is more available and only a few dollars more or better yet Remus Repeal Batch 2.

Releases like this are making me nervous for the future of sourced MGP bourbons but hopefully there are just holding back the good stuff for their own labels and great MGP will continue to flow.

TL;DR: Top end of 4 year old bourbons, still 4 year old bourbon.

6 - a good whiskey I’m still happy to drink

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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