Review #151: 1792 12 Year

I’m still a fan of 1792 even though my initial 1792 craze has subsided now that I’ve tried them all so when I heard they were releasing a 12 year I was excited then I heard it was only going to be 96.6 proof which seemed like an odd choice but it was close enough to 100 that I was still game to try it.

1792 12 Year

Age: 12 years

Abv: 96.6 proof

Price: $50


Nose: Oaky with some of that classic 1792 caramel and vanilla sweetness lurking beneath the oak.

Taste: The palate starts somewhat sweet with vanilla and chocolate notes then transitions into a heavy, dry oak.

Finish: Dry and oaky finish with mere hints of vanilla.


As expected for the first high age statement product released under the 1792 label this was very oaky. I still enjoyed it and this made me understand why Barton 1792 tends to release younger bourbon. I’m still glad I picked this up but I won’t be getting another. There are too many good 1792 Full Proof and Bottled in Bond picks out there to justify hunting this down and if I am going to hunt 1792 I am looking for Sweet Wheat over this guy.

I’m surprised how well balanced Cream of Kentucky is in comparison and I can sort of see why the price point on that bottle is so high now. Barton must have parted with some of their best well aged bottles.

TL;DR: Oaky but good, stick with store picks or Sweet Wheat for 1792

7 - a great whiskey I’d order at a bar

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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