Tasting Notes: Larceny Single Barrel Oak Liquor Cabinet Pick

Last July we did a barrel pick on Larceny for Oak Liquor Cabinet here in Austin. In the fall Glazers, a distributor, moved into a new warehouse and all sorts of bottles went MIA. A couple weeks ago these bottles finally landed!

When we did the pick we had 4 samples to choose from and we wanted to pick something accessible with broad appeal. The first sample was surprisingly spicy especially for a wheated bourbon, the 3rd tasted very similar to regular Larceny, the 4th had a unique musty leather note that one picker fell in love with but wasn’t the profile we were targeting. We ended up picking the second sample which is described below.


Larceny Single Barrel Oak Liquor Cabinet Pick

Age: 6 years (almost 7)

Abv: 92 proof

Price: $22

Barrel: Rickhouse E Floor 2 Barreled on 3/16/2012


Nose: Sweet and simple with butterscotch and grain notes

Taste: More butterscotch, cream and wheat notes. Decent mouthfeel for the proof.

Finish: Medium to short with a touch of sweetness and a bit of wheat grain.


Overall I am enjoying this as a casual sipper. The sweet and grain notes are simple and pleasant. This is much more a bourbon to sip on during a movie or something and less of something to sit down a really look around for complexity.

On a side note I was an idiot and held onto the little sample bottle to see how it compared to the bottled product. But it was a 1/3 full plastic bottle so when I opened it back up last week it tasted like plastic and regret.


TL;DR: Sweet, grain, easy drinking

No score: I was one of the main people involved in the pick


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