Review #230: Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey 10 Year

The great Rarebird101 once commented on a post of mine saying that my favorite Wild Turkey to date, the Moonshine Russell’s Reserve Cheesy Gold pick, while great wasn’t as impressive when you put it up against some other really top tier Wild Turkey. I recently came into possession of the Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey 10 year, which I think qualifies as a top tier bottle, so naturally it was time for a blind. I also traded for a sample of the 2002 Russell’s Reserve(review forthcoming) and threw in a random Russell’s pick for control.

The blind tasting video is on Instagram and I sat down the next evening to write more detailed tasting notes.


Review #230 Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey 10 Year

Age: 10 years

Abv: 123.6 proof

Price: Hahaha


Nose: Sweeter than I expected with honey, vanilla and some cherry notes and only faint spice.

Taste: Syrupy caramel, rich oak, rye spice, brown sugar, tobacco, faint nutty notes and that Wild Turkey funk. Really nice, viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: Long warm and sweet with brown sugar, baking spice, caramel and cinnamon notes.


That was fantastic. Right up there with Kentucky Legend for the best Wild Turkey I’ve had. The tobacco and nutty notes aren’t something I typically get from Turkey and I really enjoyed them. The finish was also fantastic. The nose was good but nothing special and I actually thought the RR2002 and Moonshine RR pick had better noses. Otherwise this outclassed both of those and I will say I agree with rarebird now :)

On another note I’ve pretty much explored the breadth of modern Wild Turkey and even taken a few ventures into dusty land but I just don’t think Turkey goes to 10 for me the same way Buffalo Trace, Four Roses and MGP can but that’s ok and as long as Russell’s Reserve picks are ~$60 I won’t stop buying them!


TL;DR: Fantastic Wild Turkey, right up there with Donut

9 - a favorite I always try to keep on my shelf



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