Reviews #237: Bardstown Bourbon Company Chateau De Laubade

Part 18 of the finished whiskey series is heading back to Kentucky and taking a look a distillery that hasn’t been covered yet with Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Chateu De Laubade. When Bardstown Bourbon Company announced they were releasing a 12 year Indiana(MGP) bourbon finished in Armagnac casks I knew I needed to get a bottle. The previous MGP sourced collaboration they did with Copper and Kings was fantastic and with an Armagnac finish I hoped this release would be comparable with Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend.


Review #237: Bardstown Bourbon Company Chateau De Laubade

Age: 12 years

Finishing Time: 18 months

Abv: 118.4 proof

Price: $139.99


Nose: Powerful and sweet with rich brown sugar, leather, dark grapes, warm spices, fainter but present oak and a hint of pecan.

Taste: A rush of dark fruit, oak, leather, wine, tobacco and baking spices. There is a slight twinge of heat and bitter oak at the end. Very nice, thick mouthfeel

Finish: Long, warm and slightly dry with rich tobacco, baking spices, dried fruit, leather and vanilla notes.


Overall this was another winner from Bardstowns that reminds me of Cigar Blend in all the right ways while remaining distinct. The Armagnac finish was very heavy, which is to be expected with an 18 month finish time, but it does not overwhelm the delicious MGP bourbon notes.

On a side note I’m looking forward to Bardstown starting to distribute in Texas later this year!


TL;DR: Very good, lots of Armagnac influence without completely overwhelming the bourbon

9 - a favorite I always try to keep on my shelf

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase



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