RTD Cocktail Review #1: Whistle Pig Ginger Fashioned

I recently received a bottle of Whistle Pig’s Barrel Aged Ginger Old Fashioned. This is a 70 proof ready to drink cocktail made with Whistle Pig Piggyback Rye, their Runamok maple syrup and infused with raw ginger. In my experience these premixed cocktails have a lot of variance and are often too sweet for me so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I drank it over my last @realsonaice ice sphere.


RTD Cocktail Review #1: Whistle Pig Ginger Fashioned

Abv: 70 proof

Price: Received for free


Nose: Herbal and ginger notes with a faint sweetness

Taste: Rich maple, herbs, present but not overwhelming ginger, subtle spices

Finish: Medium length with sweet maple and ginger notes


The nose was not nearly as sweet as I feared instead having a nice balance of herbal and ginger notes with fainter maple sweetness. The taste starts with rich maple, more herbs and a present but not overwhelming ginger. The finish was medium length with sweet maple and ginger notes.

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised by this cocktail. I think the ginger and real maple syrup go a long way in making it taste great without making it too sweet. If I was hosting and didn’t want to make all the cocktails by hand I’d definitely grab a bottle of this to help out.

8 - an excellent bottle I’d like to have at home


TL;DR: Well balanced, the maple and ginger compliment the herbal notes from the rye



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