Tasting Notes: Doc Swinson's Exploratory Cask Releases 7-9

The folks from Doc Swinson’s generously sent me a sample kit with 3 of their new 15 year bourbon releases and their new rye. I couldn’t wait to crack into the bourbons and the rye was proofed down to 90 so I haven’t sampled it yet. I was a big fan of their previous 15 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon so I went into this with high hopes. Since I got these samples for free I won’t be assigning a score.



Doc Swinson’s Exploratory Cask Series Tasting Notes

Release #7

Age: 15 years

Abv: 109.8 proof


Nose: Sweet and nutty with vanilla and caramel notes. Very slight spice.

Taste: Rich oak, sweet caramel, roasted nuts and warm baking spice. Slightly dry on the back of palate.

Finish: Long dry finish that combines strong oak and spice notes with subtler caramel.

Thoughts: This was a very classic bourbon profile. It reminds me a lot of the better Knob Creek 15 year picks out there but easier to drink without losing any flavor.

Release #8

Age: 15 years

Abv: 114.2 proof


Nose: Lots of oak with some vanilla in the background.

Taste: Earthier than batch 7 with more prominent spice notes as well. The sweet caramel is there but toned down.

Finish: Very long slightly hot finish with plenty of spice and oak.

Thoughts: The age and barrel notes come through a lot stronger on this batch. 7 was more to my taste but if you want something where you taste the age this batch does that! This dram also has one of the longest finishes I’ve had on a bourbon.

Release #9

Age: 15 years

Abv: 113.8 proof


Nose: Roasted nuts, baking spice and oak.

Taste: Starts sweet with a nice caramel note before the baking spice and oak kick in. Very viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: Medium finish with fading baking spice and caramel.

Thoughts: This batch had the sweet to spicy flavor journey I enjoy and the palate was particularly good. The finish was a bit disappointing but that was possibly because the finish on the other two was fantastic.


TL;DR: Tasty samples, good bit of variance between releases. I think they are Beam now. 7 was my favorite of the bunch