Review #246: Eage Rare Tejas Single Barrel Select

Something like 12 Eagle Rare picks hit Austin last year and I managed to snag most of them. We also did a big Eagle Rare blind bracket with the Austin Dead Liver Society that I’ve been meaning to write about. In the meantime here is one of the many tasty picks.


Eagle Rare Tejas Liquors pick 2020

Age: 10 years

Abv: 90 proof

Price: 49.99


Nose: Sweet with cherry and caramel with faint spices.

Taste: More cherry, vanilla, baking spice and a sweet note I can’t place but that is almost like artificial sweetener. Slightly thin mouthfeel but reasonable for 90 proof

Finish: That same sweet note linger with vanilla and the first oak of the dram coming in towards the end of the long finish.


This was a lot of folks favorite ER pick in Austin last year and it won our Austin Dead Liver Society Eagle Rare blind bracket(but didn’t make the top 4 for me…). It’s off profile for Eagle Rare and has a weird sweet note that reminds me of EHT Grain of the Gods which I didn’t love. That said it was still enjoyable and I’m glad I grabbed one. I really like the usual Eagle Rare profile and may have enjoyed this more if I didn’t go in expecting Eagle Rare.


TL;DR: Off profile Eagle Rare. Good but not my favorite.

1 Star - Good whiskey: I would choose to drink this over readily available whiskies



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