Sample Mountain Week 23: Michter's Legacy Series

Week 23 of sample mountain is Michter’s Legacy Series week. In addition to their Michter’s named lineup Michter’s also releases two whiskies named after the previous names of the distiller: Bomberger’s and Shenk’s.

Unlike the other weeks so far in the series I did not taste these together. I had tasted and written the notes for the Bomberger’s earlier this year and did the Shenk’s this week so they aren’t in the same photo. This isn’t the plan going forward but when I realized I had samples of both I decided I wanted to put the write ups together.


Shenk’s 2019

Age: NAS

Proof: 91.2


Nose: Simple and sweet with caramel, grain and faint spice notes.

Taste: Start with sweet caramel with a wood note that’s not quite oak and some spice toward the end. Decent but unremarkable mouthfeel.

Finish: Short to medium length finish with caramel and baking spice.

Buy a bottle? No - it was fine but nothing special

Bomberger’s Declaration 2019

Age: NAS years

Abv: 108


Nose: Rich and sweet with caramel, oak and faint spice notes along with something fruity I couldn’t place.

Taste: Big oak notes balanced by vanilla, caramel, cherry and baking spice. Viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: Medium length finish with more of the same especially the oak.

Buy a bottle? Yes - I’ll be trying to grab this year’s release


I really enjoyed the Bomberger’s it was like a better, higher proof version of Michter’s bourbon and it nails the classic KY bourbon profile. The Shenk’s was enjoyable but nothing special and I wouldn’t buy one.

TL;DR: The Bomberger’s nails the classic bourbon profile, the Shenk’s was a thinner, more boring take