Sazerac Rye Texas Single Barrel

A while back these State of Texas Sazerac single barrels started popping up around Austin so I made sure to grab one. I mostly used this as a cocktail base but also drank it neat a few times. Now that the bottle is almost empty it’s time for a review!


Sazerac Rye Texas Single Barrel

Age: NAS

Proof: 90


Notes: Sweet, herbal and spicy but thin mouthfeel and short finish.

Stars: 1 Star


I drank most of this as a mixer but did enjoy some neat as well. Overall it was pleasant but not something I reach for to sip neat. That said the herbal notes came through nicely in cocktails though which made it a great spirit base and it was a go to for rye old fashioneds, sazeracs and old pals. I also tried it side by side with Thomas H Handy Sazerac and while you could tell they similarities there was no competition even when proofing the Handy down.


TL;DR: Good for the price, great for cocktails.