Willett Rose in Paradise

Rose in Paradise was one of the Willett single barrel ryes that hit Texas back in 2020. I’ve been nursing my second bottle but it’s time for a review and a bottle kill


Willett Rose in Paradise

Age: 10-13 years

Proof: 110

Notes: The nose has a bit of proof sting then becomes sweet and herbaceous with mint, cinnamon candy and vanilla. The palate brings more of the same with a bit of oak and some proof sting too. The long warm finish gives you a KY hug with cinnamon candy and herbal liqueur notes.

Stars: 3 Stars


I’m a huge Willett fan these ryes are killer at 6+ years old. Rose in Paradise lives up to my expectations for Willett and is surprisingly drinkable for the proof.

It’s been years so hopefully another round of Willett single barrels hits Texas soon. We’ve seen them rolling out in other states and I’m optimistic we won’t be too far behind.


TL;DR: Great releases, my favorite Discovery Series bottles