Sherbrook 14 Year Rye

When Seelbach’s started releasing the Maryland Heritage Series I wasn’t really sure what to think and didn’t catch the first release of these ryes. After grabbing the 16 year old bourbon they released I wished I had grabbed the ryes too. Thankfully they did another release of the Sherbrook.


Sherbrook Rye

Age: 14 years

Proof: 109.7


Notes: The nose is rich and creamy with creme brulee and herbal notes. That palate is perfectly balanced with more of the creamy vanilla from the nose, more herbs and a good amount of rye spice and rich oak. The finish is long, sweet and spicy with brown sugar and cinnamon notes.

Stars: 3 - Excellent whiskey: I would be willing to hunt down a bottle


This is an amazing rye. I am looking forward to a blind with some of my favorite old ryes: High West Rocky Mountain Rye and Kentucky Owl Batch 4.

TL;DR: Excellent, well aged MGP rye. This one is going to be hard to beat.