Russell's Reserve Beastmaster's Club Stachey Spice

Spicy Girls #2 is a Russell’s Reserve pick from Beastmaster’s Club that came out back in 2019. It’s a Camp Nelson A bottle from Floor 4 and was supposedly 111 proof out of the barrel so it’s pretty much cask strength at 110. I didn’t open this bottle right away but it has been open for some time now and was hovering at 50% full when I wrote this.

s Reserve Beastmasters


Russell’s Reserve Beastmaster’s Club ‘Stachey Spice’

Age: 9 years

Proof: 110

Price: $75


Nose: Sweet, funky and spicy with caramel, almost nutty notes and baking spices.

Taste: Lots of caramel, vanilla extract, rye spice, more of the nutty notes from the nose and rich oak towards the end. Excellent, thick mouthfeel that coats your tongue.

Finish: Medium to long finish with lingering oak, baking spice and Wild Turkey funk. Slightly dry at the very end.

2 Stars - Very good whiskey: I would want to have a bottle


I tend to be fan of Russell’s Reserve picks and overall the entire Spicy Girl Russell’s series from Beastmasters was pretty solid. They are on the sweeter side of the modern Wild Turkey profile but without losing the funky and spicy notes that make Turkey great. The initial caramel rush, excellent mouthfeel and the finish are the highlights here and I’m very happy to have a bottle. That said it doesn’t crack the ranks of truly next level Russell’s picks.


TL;DR: Great example of a Russell’s pick, especially the mouthfeel. Beat out the 2020 Beastmaster’s Russell’s lineup for me.



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