Samuel Maverick Barrel Proof and Private Reserve

The folks with Samuel Maverick were kind enough to send me 2 bottles of their whiskey to enjoy. They just released a 4 year old Private Reserve which I was excited to taste and since I enjoyed my entire first bottle of the Barrel Strength I was happy to have a replacement. As with anything where I didn’t buy the bottle I won’t be assigning star rating.


Samuel Maverick Private Reserve

Age: 4 years

Proof: 90


Notes: Honey, cornbread, buttercream frosting, slightly bitter dark chocolate, warm finish with clove and holiday spice notes.

This was nice but a little underproofed for my taste especially when drinking it alongside the barrel proof. That said the extra age definitely comes through in a good way. A bottled in bond take might also be a an interesting way to get the proof up without going all the way to barrel proof.

Samuel Maverick Barrel Proof

Age: 2 years

Proof: 114


Notes: The nose is powerful with charred oak and sweet caramel notes. The palate is layered with sticky caramel, corn bread, rich oak and baking spice notes. It’s got a great mouthfeel. The finish is long and warm with lingering oak and spice.

While I’ve enjoyed it neat this whiskey shines in a cocktail like many other young high proof whiskeys. This one is big enough that its core flavors still shine through in an old fashioned or boulevardier and it’s my current go to for old fashioneds at home.

TL;DR: Overall I enjoyed both of these and would love to see a barrel proof take on the 4 year!