Orphan Barrel Scarlet Shade


Orphan Barrel Scarlet Shade

Age: 14 years

Proof: 90 proof


Notes: The nose is sweet and inviting with vanilla cream and mint. The palate brings more sweet, herbal notes plus plenty of rich oak. The mouthfeel is good for the proof but doesn’t impress. The proof is well integrated with no burn and plenty of flavor. The long finish lingers with herbal and rye spice notes.

Stars: 2 - Very good whiskey: I would want to have a bottle


Overall I liked this and I am glad I have a bottle. It’s got a ton of flavor especially for the proof and is very easy to drink It’s no Michter’s 10 Rye but it was a lot easier to find and about the same retail price while serving a similar purpose.


TL;DR: If you like older, low proof rye this is a solid buy