Review #249: Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch 19

For part 20 of my finished whiskey series we’re back to Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend! This spring Magnus released 4 new batches from the same bourbon blend with each batch being finished in a different Armagnac cask. With the next release coming up soon it’s time to review the current ones starting with batch 19!


Review #249: Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch 19

Age: NAS, unfortunately

Abv: 124 proof!

Price: $170


Nose: Dark and sweet with dark fruit, leather, brown sugar and faint nutty notes with a hint of herbs.

Taste: Sweet and spicy with brown sugar, dark fruit, nuts(not peanuts though), baking spices, leather, caramel notes finishing with some herbal notes. Very viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: Very long and slightly dry with warm spice, brown sugar and leather notes


That was some fantastic bourbon. This dram has my favorite flavor progression where the nose is sweet and inviting, the taste is rich and complex and the finish is spicy enough to make you want the next sip. The dark fruit, brown sugar, leather and nutty notes are some of my favorite bourbon flavors as well. I was a little worried that the higher proof would make these too hot but it doesn’t do that at all for this batch. I’ll definitely be looking for a backup bottle or 2 for this batch.

It seems like more well aged MGP has been having these nutty notes lately and I’m a big fan. I don’t think I’ve gotten those off of an SAOS, Belle Meade or Boone County single barrel before but in a few recent Magnus barrels and the Remus Volstead it was there for me in a great way.

I missed out on batch 22 but otherwise this is easily my favorite of the batches from the 19-22 coup mere. Reviews for 20 and 21 are forthcoming. Spoiler: they aren’t as good as 19.

As far as cost goes this is obviously an expensive bottle but for me it delivers. When I pay over $100 for a bottle of bourbon I want it to wow me and this bottle definitely did. When I look at other expensive bottles that have released recently, like Wild Turkey 17 BiB and Doc Swinson’s 15 year, Cigar Blend Batch 19 stands out from the crowd.


TL;DR: My easily in my top 2 Cigar Blend Batches, definitely going to look for another bottle

10 - an all time favorite, must buy/hunt

Great - A great deal, I’d buy it again



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