Knob Creek 18 Year

When I tasted a sample of KC18 a few weeks back I decided I’d grab one if I can across it. Thankfully that day came and now the bottle is almost gone so it’s time for a review.


Knob Creek 18 Year

Age: 18 years

Proof: 100 proof


Notes: The nose is rich and sweet with notes of caramel covered nuts, vanilla extract and leather. The palate brings oak, vanilla cream, faint spice and a bit of caramel and leather. The finish is long and surprisingly sweet with lots of caramel and some spice.

Stars: 3 - Excellent whiskey: I would be willing to hunt down a bottle


Overall I think Hardin’s Creek Jacob’s Well was a little better but the KC18 is still excellent. It’s exciting to see Beam release two high age statement hitters this year; hopefully it’s the start of a trend for them.

TL;DR: The best of the Knob Creeks imo