Doc Swinons Summer 2023 Releases

The folks at Doc Swinson’s were kind enough to send me five samples and a bottle of their new releases. They sent me samples of their Garryana, Pineau, Bossa Nova, El Cuerpo and French Toasted plus a bottle of their new Session Blend!

Overall the star of the show for me was the Bossa Nova. I’m a big fan of Amburana finishes and Docs did an excellent job marrying the MGP bourbon with the finish. El Cuerpo and Pineau were very good. They’ve released both of these before and these were similar to the previous ones which is a good thing. The Garryana and the French Toasted both had a lot of classic double barrel style notes and were also enjoyable. I’m just waiting for a local shop to get the Bossa Nova in and I’ll definitely be grabbing one.

The Session Blend was light and an easy sipper. They said it’s primarily for cocktails so I mixed up an old fashioned with maple sugar, Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters, a Luxardo Cherry and a dried orange garnish. It was light and tasty which was perfect for the heat wave we’re having here in Central Texas. Thanks again to Doc Swinson’s and I can’t wait to see what they do next.