Willett Family Estate Bourbon OHWB

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar in Florida picked this Willett barrel a while back. I got to try it via OJ from Taste Select Repeat on a New York trip and he let me keep the rest of the bottle.


Willett Family Estate Bourbon OHWB

Age: 8 Years

Proof: 137.2

Barrel #: 4793


Notes: Sweet fruit notes, spearmint, warm spice. Very classic Willett rye bourbon profile just turned up a notch from most of the bottles I’ve had. Drinks wonderfully even with the very high proof. Great mouthful. Very long finish with spice, oak and vanilla

Stars: 4 - Extraordinary whiskey: An all time favorite


This was an outstanding Willett pick. Powerful and delicious without being overwhelming. Overall in my top tier of Willett bottles I’ve had.