Review #42: Balcones True Blue 100

Balcones is a craft distiller in Waco Texas(Sic Em Bears!) that actually distills their own juice and makes some great, if young, products. In a world of NDPs marketing as local products it’s great to get to try some actual local juice.


Age: 2 years 4 months

Abv: 100 proof

Mashbill: 100% Blue Corn

Color: A deep reddish amber

Price: $51.99


Nose: Sweet, cinnamon and juicy citrus notes comes together almost like one of those orange cinnamon rolls with a touch of burn

Taste: More citrus and cinnamon notes and the sweetness from the nose becomes more of a caramel

Finish: Medium length with big cinnamon notes though it is a little hot for me

On a rock

Nose: Softer and sweet with caramel and citrus notes

Taste: Very similar to the neat taste with an improved mouthfeel all citrus, cinnamon and caramel

Finish: Slightly tamed from the neat finish with some more sweetness to balance the hot cinnamon


Is it a little young and a little hot? Sure. Is it a bit expensive for what is? Probably. Is it a great craft whiskey from a local distiller. Definitely. I’m a big fan of Balcones in general and can’t wait to try some of their newer releases and some more aged releases as they continue to mature.

7 - a great whiskey I’d order at a bar

Fair - Worth the money, happy with my purchase


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