Old Forester x Taste Select Repeat

When OJ from Taste Select Repeat told me he was getting his Old Forester at 100 proof instead of barrel strength I wasn’t sure what to think but it was a barrel from warehouse I and TSR had done some solid picks so I ordered a bottle. Then I tasted it.



Age: NAS

Proof: 100

Barrel: I2-5272


Notes: The nose is sweet and sticky landing somewhere between a candy bar and a chocolate covered banana. The palate brings more banana, warm spice, caramel and subtle oak. The mouthfeel was great for the proof and proof integration was excellent. The finish was medium to long with cinnamon, banana and vanilla notes.

Stars: 1 - Good whiskey: I would choose to drink this over readily available whiskies


Overall this was a great bottle and I enjoyed every drop. It is best 100 proof OF pick I’ve had/ Who knows how it would have been at barrel proof but it was a winner at 100 for sure.

TL;DR: Great pick, lots of flavor for 100 proof