Bardstown Discovery Series 3 and 4

It was a bittersweet evening finishing off bottles of my 2 favorite Bardstown Discovery Series releases. 3 and 4 are basically tied for my favorite release with 2 and 7 as the next tier and the first release still eluding me.


Bardstown Discovery Series 3

Age: 10-13 years

Proof: 110

Notes: A beautiful blend of well aged Indiana and Kentucky bourbons. The classic brown sugar sweetness and leather notes from 13 year MGP are balanced with nutty and oaky notes from the Kentucky bourbons. I haven’t had another IN/KY blend ever hit my palate quite like this.

Stars: 3 Stars

Bardstown Discovery Series 4

Age: 10-15 years

Proof: 115

Notes: Sweet and rich with notes that remind me of cracker jacks and a long slightly dry and spicy finish that makes me want to take the next sip.

Stars: 3 Stars


Thankfully I have backups of both of these but I need to clear some shelf space before I crack them! I’m also very excited to see what Bardstown Bourbon Company does next after the return to form with Discovery Series 7.


TL;DR: Great releases, my favorite Discovery Series bottles